Wood is a very long-lasting element for both homes and commercial buildings. When properly maintained, it can last for years. Also, current wood preservatives enhance the natural wood durability.

Whether you are renovating an old house or building a new one, you should consider adding wood walls to some of the rooms. It can add an elegant and practical look.

Here are some of the advantages that you should consider when choosing hardwood walls:

  • They look very elegant.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • They offer excellent thermal and acoustic covering.
  • They allow many decoration styles and colors to be added to the room.
  • They provide a smooth and clean finish.
  • They have many types of topcoats you can choose from to give it a different feel.

We have three types of Hardwood Walls:

Cedar Wall Treatment for your sauna

Photo: Cedar rusting wall treatment

1. Cedar Rustic Wall Treatment:

Looks reclaimed but is sand-blasted cedar finished with a water-based reactive gray stain for a great weathered look.

2. Cedar Smooth Gray Treatment:

This cedar wall and ceiling trim is exciting and sanded smooth, so it is easily employed in a wide range of home designs.

3. Alder Treatment:

A beautiful wall or ceiling treatment that is high-drama, accessible price.

Hardwood walls are, above all, very flexible when it comes to design. They offer an aesthetic and practical design in bathrooms, especially if the bath panel has the same pattern. Alder wall treatmentWhen it is used in sitting rooms and dining rooms, it adds elegance. In home offices or home libraries, they add a professional atmosphere that can be cozy when the lights are dimmed, so you can get some time to read beside a comfortable armchair. They can look quite modern and trending if you just add a couple of existing decor elements.

At T&G Flooring we can design, build, and install your hardwood walls or flooring for any room you want.

Let us help you choose the best materials and designs for you, and assist you in making your home or office into an artistic and beautiful place.