One little breadcrumb and a string of ants seem to be immediately marching single file over your floors. But, if your hardwood floors have been damaged due to moisture issues, you could be looking at a bigger ant problem: carpenter ants!

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The carpenter ant is attracted to water damaged wood. Call a hardwood flooring repair specialist to fix the damage.
Photo by Richard Bartz, Munich Makro Freak

Carpenter ants love damaged wood

Carpenter ants don’t feed on the wood, like most people assume, they burrow their way into wet, rotting wood, in search of a new abode. Before long, these diligent workers have made long tunnels through decaying wood, before nesting up in hollowed out spaces.

Ever sit around your home and you feel like your house is alive? It may very well be; alive with ants. Any moisture issues in your home, especially in your subfloors, will attract carpenter ants, who will further exacerbate the problems. Any water left standing on your hardwood floors can cause damage all the way down into your subfloors, which is typically where the carpenter ants will attack. They are like mold, thriving in moist, humid, rotting conditions.

Flooding is a common cause of damaged hardwood floors

Flooding is the most common reason for your floors to become moisture damaged, but there are other areas that you should keep an eye on, if for no other reason than wanting to protect your hardwood floors for as long as possible. Water spills due to:

Repairing water damaged hardwood floors in Denver and Evergreen, Colorado

Flooding is the most common reason for water damaged hardwood floors and subfloors.

  • Overflowing indoor plants
  • Pet watering bowls
  • Rain coming in open or unsealed windows
  • Leaky dishwashers
  • Leaky refrigerator

Moisture issues can cause your floors to cup and warp

Moisture issues also create the perfect living quarters for a colony of carpenter ants seeking a new home, or just looking to expand their old headquarters.

Take care to watch the moisture levels in your home, frequently ventilate , especially in the winter months, and look out for obvious signs of moisture damage like wonky, and warped floors.

Call a hardwood flooring craftsman for a free consultation of how to fixed water damaged floors.