Whether your style is country and rustic or luxurious and modern, dark wood floors will work for every style. However, there are many shades of dark and types of wood that can give you a look to perfectly match your home style and decor. When choosing a dark wood floor, here are a few things to consider.

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Reclaimed chocolate floors are perfect for a rustic style home.

Rustic charm or modern luxury

Reclaimed wood that has naturally aged and grown dark over time will perfectly complement a charming country style home. The natural variants in the wood will give the impression that the floors are original and have aged with the home that they are antique when, in fact, they’re newly installed reclaimed dark wood floors.

Complete the rustic style with linen or leather earth tone furniture. Be careful that you don’t put dark wood furniture and dark brown fabrics on top of dark brown floors. However, if your furniture is softer and lighter in color, a dark wood floor can complete the country style home.

Solid, site-finished, or prefinished dark chocolate floors, even in color, contrasted with white or light walls and modern furniture will bring a little luxury to your home. Deep, rich, chocolate floors will also compliment furniture with patterns and few bright splashes of color.

Dark wood floors are versatile

Dark floors will go with almost any type of furniture, colors, and patterns. However, if you already have a lot of color and patterns on your furniture or your walls, make sure that you choose an even color for your floors. Choosing dark wood floors that vary in color from board to board will give a mosaic effect that can be beautiful, but if you add too many patterns, fabrics, and patterns on top of it, it all becomes a busy mess.

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Dark brown hardwood floors are luxurious and warm and work with many home styles.

Staining your floors dark

The most commonly used wood for hardwood floors is oak, but any of our prefinished and site-finished wood, despite the natural blonde hues, can be transformed into warm, smooth, rich dark chocolate hardwood floors. Just talk to your hardwood flooring craftsman about the right stain to get the perfect color.

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T&G installs new prefinished & site-finished hardwood flooring in both commercial and residential spaces.  Nail-down, glue-down, or floating floors – we do it all. From simple red oak strip flooring to antique reclaimed planks with complex patterns and inlays, our craftsmen will thrill you with their expertise and attention to detail.

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