Hardwood floors can add elegance and comfort to a home. As we head into autumn, hardwood floors can also add a touch of warmth as the temperature begins to drop. Although hardwood floors go beautifully with any season, the best time to install new hardwood floors is during the drier, colder months. In short, autumn is a great time to get hardwood floors.

Installing wood floors in autumn

Autumn is the perfect season to install new hardwood floors.

Installing hardwood floors in autumn

Wood is an organic material. Therefore, you have to consider the season and the climate when you schedule your hardwood floor installation. Colorado may not be a particularly humid state, but autumn is a season that has less moisture in the air compared to summer. Because wood will react to the moisture in the air, contracting and expanding, autumn will minimize drastic changes in the wood. Once winter rolls around, the colder temperatures may remove too much moisture from the air. Autumn is that perfect “just right” season to have your hardwood floors installed.

Reducing acclimation time

Best time to install hardwood floors

Installing hardwood floors in the fall could reduce acclimation time.

Because wood will react to the moisture levels in the air, as well as the temperature, there is no way of knowing exactly how long your new floor boards will need to acclimate to the climate. The acclimation process is the most important. If you install your wood too soon before it is fully acclimated, it could cause your new floors to warp. Hardwood floors are a big investment, so you don’t want to rush the process to save time. However, the dry, cool temperatures of autumn could reduce the acclimation time. Reducing acclimation time can be a huge benefit to a business that’s trying not to stay closed too long, or a busy household that can’t relocate during the installation process.

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