Hardwood floors aren’t cheap, but if done right, they can last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance. Having worn out and damaged hardwood floors restored to their natural beauty can add tremendous value to your home, both aesthetically and in resale value.

Restoring hardwood floors is well worth your money. But, you have to find the best hardwood flooring specialist that you can to get the job done right. It is important that you don’t let price get in the way of hiring professionals. If you are cheap with your budget, then you are only going to get cheap solutions. Cheap solutions never last.

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How to choose a hardwood flooring contractor

Look out for these warning signs when hiring a hardwood flooring craftsman to restore your hardwood floors:

Did we mention not going for the cheapest estimate? Here, we’ll say it again. Don’t go for the cheapest estimate! Never let price dictate who you hire for a job as big as restoring hardwood floors. There are too many aspects of great hardwood flooring installation as well as restoring them once they’ve been neglected that you want to hire someone who has the experience and qualifications to do the project right. Experience and qualifications cost money.

A professional will do a thorough site survey of your floors before putting together a comprehensive and itemized quote. If you are given a quote over the phone, floors unseen, or if the contractor merely skims your floors, don’t trust them. The price of restoration requires a lot more information than just the size of the area of your floors.

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A professional will explain the process and the reason for each cost. A professional will have no problem making you a part of the process, offering several solutions to each problem. If they know what they’re doing, they won’t have any problems making sure that you understand the process. It’s the fakers that will try to keep you in the dark or brush your questions aside.

A contractor who tries to convince you that off-brand, generic products are just as good as the brand name products is trying to snow you. Make sure that you can research the materials that they are recommending. You need to involve yourself in the project and remember that you are in charge, and you make the final decision.

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