If we’ve learned anything from the Antique Roadshow, it’s that everything could be a hidden treasure. What you consider old, outdated and useless can have tremendous value and beauty. That is the concept behind Hallmarks Organic Hardwood Floors collection: in with the old, mixed with the new.

Noni White Oak Organic hardwood from Hallmark's Organic Floor Collection. Photo credit: hallmarkfloors.com

Noni White Oak Organic hardwood from Hallmark’s Organic Floor Collection.
Photo credit: hallmarkfloors.com

If you’re looking for a timeless hardwood floor with an edge, then you should check out the Hallmark Organic Collection. This reclaimed and recycled hardwood floor look is extremely popular, and we believe there is something heartwarming and satisfying about taking something old and fusing it with the tools we have today to put together something unique and beautiful.

Each piece is unique, no board is the same. Each natural solid or engineered piece of wood is of random length, width, color and grain and is at the height of every hardwood floor design trend.

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