You can do marvelous things with hardwood flooring inside bathrooms

Hardwood floors – whether reclaimed, prefinished, or brand new – have become one of the most popular options for every room in the house, and bathrooms are no exception. With just some minor extra precautions, hardwood flooring can function as well in bathrooms as they do everywhere else in your home.

hardwood flooring tips for Colorado homeowners

Once you try radiant heating in your hardwood bathroom floors, you’ll never go back.
Photo: walnut bathroom floors by T&G Flooring, Colorado

Hardwood flooring advantages

One advantage that hardwood has over other flooring options is that it can be periodically refinished, which increases its practicality. It also can work in many different settings for bathrooms. You can go from small, functional en-suites to luxury designer rooms.

The way wood feels and sounds, and even how it reflects light, can create an astonishing atmosphere that invites you in every morning. It offers color and depth and can soften the look better than a hard ceramic finish. It also enables you to mix materials to create warmth and depth across the different elements and styles in your decor choices.

Taking care of hardwood flooring in bathrooms

Just remember that to get the best out of this beautiful natural material, you need to pick the correct type of flooring and take proper care of it. Drying the water off of it rather than letting it sit will also help make it more long-lasting. We also recommend installing a fan/vent in your hardwood floor bathroom to help keep the humidity to a minimum.

We have many kinds of woods for you to choose from. A place to take a quick but efficient shower or to relax in a bathtub; you can have it all in one place. We also have many different colors and styles to accommodate to the style you have picked for your home. You can even find the latest hardwood trends here. Just contact us and let us know your preferences and we will work with you to provide the bathroom of your dreams.