When you work in the hospitality industry, like running a restaurant, hotel, or a spa, you know how important it is to choose the right type of flooring. You want your floors to be impressive and beautiful. But, because these floors see more foot traffic than any other type of floor, you also want them to be sturdy and durable. T&G Flooring has a great hardwood flooring solution for the hospitality industry.

Hardwood flooring solutions in Colorado

The mosaic layout of the Mesquite end grain blocks is both beautiful and practical for high traffic areas.

End Grain Mesquite Hardwood Floors

We’ve designed many hardwood floors for every type of industry. Traveling to New Mexico to install new floors in a Hotel and Spa in Santa Fe, we had our work cut out for us.

Not only did we need to design floors that would go with the traditional Spanish architecture, but we also needed the floors to be able to handle guests and suitcases walking, running, and rolling over the floors at all times.

The solution we came up with was to use end grain mesquite wood to make a beautiful mosaic hardwood floor.

Hiding Scratches and Dirt

Mesquite is one of the hardest types of wood in on the Janka hardness scale. We worked with a local wood flooring retailer to get mesquite end grain blocks to complete the flooring project. Working with a local retailer, we knew that the wood would be sustainably and responsibly harvested, as well as of industrial quality. Because of the toughness of the wood, the new floors would be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic, which is the number one issue when it comes to hospitality industry flooring.

Mosaic Floor Design

The layout of the end grain blocks would also serve to conceal any imperfections that come over time. But, more than being able to hide dirt and scratches, the layout would be unique and interesting, making the floors a wow-statement as guests arrive. Installing end grain blocks is labor intensive, but the end result is something truly spectacular. To learn more about our mesquite end-block floors, check out this video:

Commercial Hardwood Floors

T&G Flooring is located in Colorado, but we happily travel to other states. We have completed many hardwood floors for commercial projects, like the one in Santa Fe. If you are working in the hospitality industry, or you want to talk about the best hardwood floors for your commercial space, schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring expert.