When you live in Colorado, you want the design of your home to match your surroundings. Many homes will lean towards the cozy country style where you allow for natural materials to shine. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have modern elements. In a Colorado home, there is nothing more classic than hardwood flooring. Distressed wood floors will give you home that little extra dash of warmth and natural beauty that is so quintessentially Colorado.

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring

Distressed hand-scraped acacia floor

Country modern interior design

When you’re remodeling your home, you want to keep some of the aesthetics that match the style of your home while adding newer, more modern design elements. Interior design is becoming much more minimalistic. Many are remodeling their homes to be open plan, which means that you have to keep design elements more simple and even throughout the home. The kitchens are bathrooms are becoming more functional, and we see a lot more custom design to meet the requirements of the people who live in the home. There is one element that homeowners are keeping, and that’s hardwood flooring. When you modernize your home during a remodel, hardwood floors will keep your home feeling warm and cozy and in harmony with your surrounding.

Distressed hardwood flooring

If you are simplifying the design of the rest of your home, distressed flooring will add a country atmosphere that can help you break up the modern elements. Of course, you have to be careful when choosing distressed wood floors. Part of the beauty of this type of flooring is that each board is unique and adds to the overall effect. Make sure that you are choosing hand-scraped distressed flooring.

Distressed engineered hardwood floors

Distressed Acacia hardwood is rustic and charming.

Hand-scraped vs. Machine scraped wood flooring

To get flooring that is unique in appearance, you want to choose hand-scraped flooring. When the flooring is hand-scraped, every board will have different markings and will give the final product a look that is unique to your home. To get that rustic country effect that you want from distressed floors, you want each board to be hand-scraped, showing off great craftsmanship. You cannot get this effect if you use a machine because a machine will scrape every board the same way. Only with hand-scraped distressed floors will you get the perfect blend of cozy country and modern minimalism.

Beautiful hand-scraped flooring

We’re one of the largest hardwood flooring retailers in Colorado. We have a beautiful hand-scraped walnut and acacia flooring that is perfect for the Colorado home that wants to remodel their home but maintains some of the classic Colorado country home effects. Schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring craftsman and find out if the hand-scraped flooring is right for your home and your style.