The efficient, clean, modern kitchen is a huge draw in every home. But, you don’t want all of the modern elements to make your kitchen feel cold and sterile. One of the best ways to warm up a modern kitchen is to have hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors in the kitchen

Hardwood floors in the kitchen

Dark wood floors are the perfect compliment to a modern kitchen.

Don’t be scared to have hardwood floors in your kitchen. It’s true that wood will react to the different temperatures and moisture levels that may fluctuate in a kitchen, but there are ways to protect your floors in this type of environment. First of all, hardwood floors are very resilient. Unless you leave big spills sitting on the floor, or have really bad ventilation, there is no reason that you can’t have hardwood floors in the kitchen.

Choosing a hardwood floor

A modern kitchen is going to use a light color scheme, clean lines, and minimalist design. It’s all about efficiency and practicality. But you want to add elements that make it feel inviting, warm, and cozy, as well. After all the kitchen is the heart of the home. Choosing a hardwood floor in a modern kitchen can go two ways. You can stick to the light tones and choose a light colored wood. This will add more light, as well as, add a homey hardwood floor feel. However, you can also contrast the simple, sophisticated color palette by adding contrasting dark chocolate wood floors.

Reclaimed hardwood floors

For a real burst of personality and some texture, think about using reclaimed wood for your kitchen floors. Reclaimed wood can be both light or dark, but each board will have unique characteristics. Reclaimed floors are perfect for a modern country kitchen.

Solid or engineered wood in the kitchen

Reclaimed floors in kitchen

Reclaimed wood will add warmth and character to a minimalistic modern kitchen.

Engineered wood is great in a kitchen because it is much more durable and stable. Perfect for a room where there may be a bit extra moisture in the air, fluctuating temperatures, and spills. However, engineered wood can only be sanded and refinished so many times. If you go with solid wood floors, expect them to have a stronger reaction to the kitchen climate. You will be able to sand and refinish them more often, keeping them new and beautiful.

Hardwood flooring advice in Denver

If you’re thinking about hardwood floors in your kitchen, stop by our showroom in Denver and Evergreen. Our hardwood experts will help guide you towards the right type of floor for your kitchen. We’ve got our own line of hardwood options, as well as many leading brands. For questions, schedule a free consultation.