The type of finish you choose sometimes comes down to how quickly you can get back to walking on your floors. Many conventional floor finishes take up to a week to cure, leaving some rooms out of commission for a while. This can be frustrating for both home and business owners.

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With UV cured floor finishes, you can refinish your floors and start to use them again instantly saving your time and money.

Instantly cured floor finishes

When you’re running a business, closing shop to refinish your hardwood floors is not an easy task. You know you need to do it, but the thought of losing business while you wait for your floors to dry can cause many business owners to put off the project. But, we’ve come a long way in the hardwood flooring industry, and new technology has increased the drying time of floor finishes making it much more convenient (and cost effective) for business owners to get their floors refinished.

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Reduce the drying and hardening time of conventional floor finishes, and talk to an expert about UV cured finish.

UV instant cure floor finishes

UV technology has allowed us to significantly reduce the time it takes for floor finishes to dry and reach maximum hardness. That means you can get back to business quickly. UV lighting is used to instantly dry some floor finishes, making this the finish of choice for busy home and building owners. If you can’t walk on your floors, that pretty much leaves the rest of the house or business shut down as well. The more quickly we can dry the finish, without compromising its integrity, the more quickly you can open the doors to customers and guests.

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At T&G Flooring, we take pride in helping our customers find the best solutions for each hardwood flooring projects, from start to finish.

Call for a free design consultation, and see if UV cured floor finish is right for you.