The blonde hardwood flooring trend is picking up steam. As our Colorado days slowly begin to get shorter and shorter, homeowners are looking for ways to maintain a light atmosphere; to not make the home feel dark and moody. Blonde hardwood floors will brighten up your home and make the darker months feel happier.

Installing blonde wood floors in Denver

Blonde hardwood floors make a home happier and brighter.

Blonde wood floors make a happier home

Light is the key to a happy home. Sunlight has an amazing effect on a person’s mood, so building a home that maximizes sunlight is one way to ensure that your home atmosphere is cheerful. Blonde wood floors can reflect the sunlight, making a room feel bigger, more spacious, and more vibrant.

The right sheen

If you’re not too keen on the naturally blonde wood floors in your home, any lighter color of wood floors will help you spread the light throughout the home. Besides a naturally blonde wood floor, you can choose a white wash wood floor or a light gray tone wood floor. All will help you brighten the home and make it feel happier and roomier. Of course, you want to make sure that you aren’t blinded by the sunlight reflecting on your floors, so talk to your contractor about the best level of sheen on your floors. A big trend in flooring finishes is a low sheen or matte flooring finish.

Blonde wood hides dust

We can’t say whether blonde wood floors have more fun, but they do hide dust and dirt better than dark wood floors. So, one could say that you can have more fun on your blonde floors before they need to be cleaned.

How to brighten you home in winter

Light wood, like a white wash finish or gray toned wood, will help reflect sunlight and brighten your home.

It seems a little counterintuitive that blonde floors hide dirt better than darker stained wood floors, but with a dark background, dust and dirt will start to twinkle in the sunlight, like a million fireflies lining your floors – except it won’t be cool like fireflies. It’ll be a constant reminder that you need to sweep and mop your floors. Blonde wood floors give you a little bit more leeway between cleaning. Not that you shouldn’t clean and sweep your floors regularly, but blonde wood floors will maintain the appearance of being clean long after dark floors reveal every speck of dust for the world to see.

Blonde wood floors for Colorado homes

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home, think about having blonde hardwood floors installed. Not only will blonde floors spread the light throughout the home, but hardwood floors are a timeless beauty that can go with any decorative style, and may even increase the value of your home.

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