The Best Hardwood Floor For Below Ground Rooms

Having a home filled with kids is wonderful, but at some point, those little people get too old to share bedrooms. Not everyone has the luxury of moving to a bigger home with more rooms, so a popular trend is to use the basement.

It turns out it’s illegal just to lock your teenagers in the basement, even when they’re acting particularly bratty. But, you are allowed to turn that basement into their own little teen cave so that they – and you –  can have a little bit of privacy. Giving teenagers their own space is the first step in preparing them to live by themselves.

Engineered flooring for below grade rooms in Colorado

Let these girls LOL all night long once you fix up your teenager’s basement room.

Check for water penetration before installing hardwood floors in your basement

If you’re going to turn your basement into a livable space, why not go all the way and get hardwood flooring. After all, one day that teenager is going to move out, and then you can turn that space into your own private sanctuary. Hardwood floors are versatile and work in any room, so putting in hardwood floors from the jump is just common sense. No one has ever regretted hardwood floors. Except maybe the person who invented the carpet, but that’s neither here nor there.

One thing you have to consider before choosing the style of hardwood flooring is the moisture content of your basement. You need to make sure that your basement isn’t prone to water leaks or flooding. Colorado is no stranger to extreme weather. When it’s not heavy snowfall in the winter, we’ve got hail season in the spring, and monsoon season in the late summer. And all bring potential problems for basements.

Customize your own floors in Denver and Evergreen Colorado

T&G’s custom line comes in 8 standard colors but custom colors can also be created. Lengths are 6′ or longer, and can be solid or engineered. Sample shown is 7 1/4″ but other widths are available Can be finished with either natural oil or water-based polyurethane. Customize your own floor!

Engineered flooring is best for rooms below ground

Once you’ve determined that you teenager isn’t going to be floating around in the basement, you can move on to choosing the type of flooring you want. If you’re going for hardwood flooring in your basement, we advise you to choose engineered flooring. It’s resistance to the naturally high and fluctuating humidity levels in a basement or below grade room makes engineered floors the best choice.

But, engineered floors can be just as classic and beautiful as solid hardwood floors, so don’t be fooled into thinking that just because they are man made, they are inferior to solid wood floors.

Customized engineered hardwood floors in Denver, Colorado

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