Hardwood floors can last for generations, and they can become more beautiful and charming with age. Just because your floors still look great doesn’t mean that you want to have the same color for eternity. That would be like never changing your hair color. Just like changing your hair color, we recommend that you get a professional to change the color of your hardwood floor.

Changing the color of your hardwood floors

Work with a professional to get a smooth and even new color for your hardwood floors.

Changing the color of your hardwood floors

If you have solid hardwood floors there’s no reason that you can’t change up the color every now and again. You can’t do it every season, but solid hardwood can easily be sanded and refinished, and in between, you can choose a new stain and change the color of your wood floors. If you’re unsure of what type of flooring you have and if you can have them sanded, talk to a hardwood flooring professional. If you are going to change the color, working with a pro will ensure that the sanding is smooth and the coloring is even.

Ensuring a smooth and even change of color

Going back to the hair color metaphor, when you dye your hair, you want to strip off as much color as possible to give yourself a blank canvas to hold the new color. You want to do it as evenly as possible so that the new stain will go on evenly as well. You don’t want to have a patchy floor because one part of the floor was sanded lighter than other parts, or because the stain wasn’t applied evenly. Sanding your floors is the first step to changing the color of your floors, and if it isn’t done well, it will have a negative effect on the finished product.

From light to dark

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Once the floors have been sanded, you can choose a new stain for your wood floors.

Changing your floors from light to dark is going to be the easiest. The lighter the natural wood, the more vibrant the darker colors will become. Of course, you have to be aware of the natural hues in the wood, because they will blend and affect the final outcome of the stain you choose. A professional will be able to help you figure out how each stain color will work with the type of wood you have.

From dark to light

Once you’ve sanded the floors, you can choose the new stain for the new color. The lighter your floors, the more options you have. If you want to keep your floors light, you can sand your floors back to their natural light tones, or you can make them even lighter with a whitewash.

Hardwood flooring craftsmen in Colorado

Not only are we one of Colorado’s largest hardwood flooring retailers, we strive to be the finest hardwood flooring craftsmen, as well. We specialize in existing floor services and work with each client to ensure complete satisfaction with the entire project. If you are thinking of changing the color of your solid hardwood floors, schedule a free consultation at one of our showrooms in Denver or Evergreen.