Hardwood floors will never go out of style because they can be made to complement every style of interior design. Whether you like the classic, modern, rustic, transitional, minimalistic, or a mix of styles for your home, there’s a hardwood floor to match. We do, however, recommend that you choose one style of flooring for your entire home.

Choose one flooring style

Match your wood floors throughout the home to unify each room.

Finding the Right Style of Wood Flooring

Just like interior design, you can blend styles, but you want to make sure that your vision has a singular design throughline throughout the home. Unless you want your house to be like a showroom featuring every type of interior design styles, you’ll find that using similar elements from room to room will make the spaces feel much more comfortable.

Having one room that’s modern and minimalistic, a second one that is country and rustic, and a third that is classic can make a home feel disjointed. To make a house a home, you need cohesion in your interior design choices, including the flooring. And since the flooring is the biggest design element in your home, it’s a great way to make each room flow into the next and pull everything together.

Extend Floors to More Rooms

Your home may already have hardwood flooring in one or two rooms. If you’re thinking about adding hardwood floors to more rooms, you either want to extend the wood floors that you already have – matching the style, colors, and installation – or, you can completely redo the wood floors if you are trying to upgrade or update your home.

Sanding and refinishing services in Colorado

Sand and refinish our floors to match throughout the home.

Sanding and Refinishing

For homes that have various types of flooring in each room or wood floors that don’t match, you can always have your wood floors sanded and refinished.

Refinishing to make your floors match from room to room will make a huge impact on the entire home. A singular wood flooring style throughout will unite every room in the house.

Flooring Experts in Colorado

Remodeling a home begins with the flooring. Talk to a wood flooring expert about the best style of flooring to tie your entire home together. Schedule a free consultation, or visit our showrooms.