We’ve talked about some of the physical factors that will help you determine what type of wood is best for your new floors. The subfloor and the location of the floor will play a part in your decision, but there are aesthetic factors as well. Color, finish, and installation pattern are important and all boil down to personal style.

Hardwood floor inspiration, installation and design in Colorado

Kids, pets and other foot traffic should be taken into consideration when choosing a wood and a finish for your Colorado home or business.

The style of your house should be taken into consideration when you are designing new hardwood floors. Traditional oak or walnut floors are great for a classic ranch style Colorado home, but may make a newer modern home look dated.

The colors in your home will play a factor in the type of wood you choose

Your furniture and the color of your home is going to play a part as well. Ultra dark floors are trending, but if you have a lot of dark colors in your home already, dark floors could just make the whole house feel like a Batcave. On the other hand, adding white wash floors to a home filled with white, light colors will make it feel too clinical and sterile.

You also want to be careful not to match your wood too much. Look at the other wood in your home or in the room where you are installing your new floors. Test out some samples against the existing wood and make sure they go together. Choosing contrasting wood species will help give the room a little character.

Hardwood floor inspiration, installation and design in Colorado

The T&G crew takes pride in offering the most eco-friendly hardwood flooring choices from wood to finish for Colorado homes.

Environmental responsibility will play a factor in the type of wood and finish you choose

If you can’t find wood that fits your style, there is always the option to stain your floors. Getting an even stain over your floors requires a professional, and you want to talk to your hardwood flooring installation expert about the types of finish that they use and the environmental impacts. Our crew takes pride in using eco-friendly water based finishes, or oil-modified polyurethanes and zero-VOC penetrating oil finishes.

Environmental responsibility is important to many of our customers throughout the state of Colorado. We offer reclaimed and salvaged mill-direct wood for the Sustainable Lumber Co. in Montana. Reclaimed wood is the perfect match for an active home. Eco-friendliness aside, the variations in color and texture of the reclaimed wood is great at hiding wear and tear from kids and pets and friends and family.

Hardwood floor design, inspiration, and installation in Denver and Evergreen, CO

Hardwood floors require very little maintenance, as long as you choose the right wood, stain, finish, style, installation pattern and method for your lifestyle and your home.