When you hire a professional to install new hardwood floors, make sure you hire someone who is going to let you be a part of the process. You are going to be living with these floors for a long time; you want them done right the first time. Installing new floors is a process, so make sure you hire a contractor 

Designing new hardwood floors require a lot of planning and preparation. There are many choices to consider, and you want to be a part of every one of them – from the type of wood to the color, stain, and finish, as well as the installation pattern. Finding the right craftsman is imperative. If you talk to a hardwood flooring contractor who keeps trying to steer you away from your ideas or talk you into something that you’re not 100% comfortable with, you should think about hiring another professional.

Installing new hardwood floors

The right subfloor is a key aspect of designing new hardwood floors.

Subfloors are critical in hardwood floor design

Of course, you need to listen to your contractor as well. Certain types of wood will require a certain type of subfloor, so if you insist on solid oak floors but don’t have the subfloor to support it, a flooring expert may try to steer you towards another type of wood, or you have to be prepared to pay extra for new subfloors. However, a professional will always give you options and explain why they are trying to steer you in another direction.

Of course, if the expert you’re talking to doesn’t talk to you about the subfloor or include properly preparing the subfloor in their quote, then you should be concerned. A true professional is going to want to ensure that your subfloor is level and dry.

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As one of Colorado’s largest hardwood flooring retailers, we at T&G pride ourselves in having the best craftsmen in the business. There is not wooden floor we can’t handle, and we love to help our client design the floor of their dreams. We can help you make economic choices, design choices, and environmental choices depending on what is important.

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We specialize in all types of hardwood flooring, including floating floors, tongue & groove, nail down, glue down, and many more. It all depends on your home, your style, and of course, your budget. We know that every client is different, and we can help you find the best solutions while still designing unique floors that match your personality and style, from contemporary, modern, rustic, or intricate parquet floor patterns.

Hardwood flooring design experts

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