Hardwood floors are a big, but worthwhile, investment. However, there are many choices with every hardwood flooring project. When you hire a hardwood flooring craftsman, find someone who will let you be a part of every decision. At T&G, we strive to be Colorado’s finest wood flooring craftsmen. Our passion, attention to detail, and carefully selected craftsmen will show in every floor we install or refinish.

Colorado's finest hardwood flooring craftsmen

We’ve got eco-friendly hardwood flooring choices from reclaimed wood to non-toxic floor finishes.
Photo: T&G Reclaimed Mixed Species

Why you should choose T&G Flooring in Colorado

Our craftsmen are at the top of their game, are trained in every aspect of the hardwood flooring industry, and can help you make well-informed decisions about the type of wood, pattern, size, and color. We are continually improving our craft to better serve our customers.

We are also ultra-selective with the craftsmen we hire and do rigorous background checks. You can feel safe and comfortable with any of our people coming into your home.

We offer solutions and choices that are safe for the environment as well as you and your home. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly floor finishes and offer a wide selection of reclaimed or mill-direct products to our clients, and all of our wood comes from sustainable forests.

Choosing the right wood species for your floors

We’ve got our own line of hardwood flooring products. Talk to a design expert about your hardwood flooring project.

Hardwood floors take time

We want you to have a great experience working with our team. Too many craftsmen will rush the job or are poorly trained, resulting in poor installations and floors that are damaged before their time. We don’t cut corners, even if it means taking a little longer to make sure your wood is properly acclimated, the finish has hardened and dried, and the overall project is done right.

Hardwood flooring craftsmen in Colorado

For quality craftsmanship and a great hardwood flooring project experience, schedule a free design consultation or stop by one of our showrooms in Denver and Evergreen.