The fantasy of installing or repairing hardwood floors in your home is quite often a lot more romantic than the reality. It’s supposed to be; that’s why we call it a fantasy! We understand that there are great rewards in fixing up your home, but common amateur mistakes can often turn a DIY dream into a nightmare. Before you start on your hardwood flooring project, beware of these common mistakes.

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Installing hardwood floors is heavy duty work. Spare your back, and hire a professional for your hardwood flooring project.

Sanding hardwood floors is harder than you think

How hard could it be to sand and finish your floors? All you need are the right tools and a little bit of patience, right? Not exactly. Sure, the right tools help, but what will help even more is if you have experience as a hardwood flooring repair specialist.

When you go to sand and finish worn hardwood floors, you’ll find that it’s not quite as simple to sand off the old finish. And sanding evenly across the boards is even harder. Plus, do you trust the equipment you rented? Chances are the sander has been in the hands of several amateur hardwood flooring projects, and may not be working as well as you would like. Bad equipment can sometimes do more bad than good to your hardwood floors.

Sanding is also hard work, so why not leave it up to the experts and get it done right the first time. Trust us, potentially damaging your hardwood floors is not worth the trouble.

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When it comes to installing and repairing hardwood floors, the only thing you should be doing yourself is calling T&G Flooring for a free design consultation.

Installing hardwood floors is hard and labor intensive

Even if you trust your installation skills, do you trust that your body can carry the weight of the project. Hardwood floors are heavy. They are made of wood, remember! Sure, the first few boards may seem like a breeze, but by the time you have finished hauling your materials from the store to your truck to your home, you’ll have carried several hundred pounds – maybe even a ton! – of wood.

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Don’t break your back, or the bank, trying to save a buck on hardwood floors. Relax, sit back and watch the professionals.