Staircases have always been a bit of a conundrum when it comes to flooring design. Do you match the stairs to the floors below, or to the floor above? What if you have carpet on one floor, but not on another? Your staircase should be designed so that the upstairs perfectly transitions to the downstairs, and having hardwood flooring on each end is the best way to improve the flow of your home.

Hardwood floors and your stairs

Find the perfect design for our stairs to pull your upstairs floors and downstairs floors together.

Matching stairs to each floor and each level

Matching hardwood flooring throughout your home, especially in hallways, living rooms, and staircases will create a cohesive and symbiotic flow throughout your home. Flooring can be the one element that is consistent, pulling your home decor together, even if you switch up your style from room to room. With one consistent element, like hardwood flooring, you can get much more creative with each room without your creativity feeling chaotic.

Two different floors

Some homes tend to have carpeting floors upstairs while having hardwood flooring downstairs. Carpeted flooring upstairs signal that you have reached the level of the home where the bedrooms are, where you run around with bare feet and carpeting is soft and plush and will not freeze your toes.

If you can rip up the carpet, exposing hardwood floors, talk to a hardwood flooring expert about revitalizing the hardwood floors that have been wasting away beneath carpeting. It may not match the hardwood floors on the first floor; hardwood is much easier to match to hardwood, even if they don’t match at first glance.

Hardwood staircases

Hardwood staircase in Denver

Match the hardwood floors of your upstairs and downstairs.

If one floor is a different color and species than the other floor, you can do a few things to pull them together. You can mix up the wood species so that you create a mosaic look that matches both the upstairs and the downstairs.

You can match the stairs to the bottom level, and then use a runner that lays on your stairs and continues on the upstairs hallway floors. It will create cohesion and flow, plus you’ll still have something soft for your feet, while still having your hardwood floor exposed.

If your stairs have a midway landing, you can make the top part of the stairs match the upstairs, and the lower part of the stairs match the downstairs.

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