While a smooth and evenly stained wood in matte finish is perfect for the minimalist or modern style lovers, there are those that romanticize wood as a medium for creating a rustic, cozy, nostalgic allure in their home.

Imperfection is Perfection

The appeal of a smooth solid wood surface, although popular, is not always preferred by some. “Wood has its own charm – why diminish it?” or “Its imperfections are perfect,” are some of the clients’ thoughts when they prefer a rustic feel to their flooring. It can have more knots and many colorful variations depending on each wood, or it may be grained or stained due to some minerals.

Rustic ambiance with hardwood flooring

Distressed acacia floor

Hardwood flooring is particularly elegant and warm for creating a cozy ambiance, but it can be additionally treated and stained in different ways to enhance its texture and raw beauty.

Types of wood to consider

Wide wooden planks contribute to the look and feel of a countryside style, and they can vary in shade and finish. Sometimes, for the purpose of enhancing the rustic vibe, wood floors are stained to intensify their color. Reclaimed wood also brings history to your home and, with a shiny finish, can even give a luxurious touch.

rustic Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

Wide planks with knots give this kitchen a welcoming, rustic feel

One of the most popular wood types for creating rustic feel is the cherry wood, but other types of wood such as dark oak or walnut are also an excellent choice for this.

Last, but certainly not least, comes distressed wood. Our lovely distressed acacia with its rich, warm tones will transform your space into a charming hub with a traditional twist.

Where to use it

The easy answer is anywhere except your bathroom, but its full radiance can come forward in the living room, dining area, and notably in the kitchen if it is integrated with the dining area. Distressed wood with rustic outlook can also fit well in bedrooms if they are spacious enough – the deep tones of such wood floors ask for more space in general.