One of the advantages of wood floors is that they can be restored or repaired from most minor damages such as dents, water stains, or sticky stains. Here’s how to quickly deal with other unwanted occurrences on the floor. 


Fixing wood floor hardwood experts ColoradoThink “fill in the gaps.” First, make sure that no debris is left inside the cracks, and then add fillers in them. You may either fill over the floor level a bit and then sand it to make it even with the rest of the floor, or – for those who have the time and will – the finest result may be achieved with several applications (in-stages) bit by bit. Add a little of the filler to the crack (not to overflow), wait to dry (and shrink a bit), then add again and wait to dry. Repeat this as necessary. The final step is fine sanding to make the surface as even as possible.


The charred area on the floor needs to be scraped away. If the burn is very deep, it’s better not to scratch too deeply. Instead, try bleaching the darkened spots beneath the already scraped surface to neutralize the color contrast, then apply wood filler or putty to the gap. Sand, stain if needed, and finish with wax.

Pet stains

Pet stains on wood floorsA one-time accident on the floor may not cause a permanent or visible damage, but they have the tendency to fester over time. Though you may not be able to smell it even slightly, your pet can, and it can draw them back again to the same spot (for the same purpose). For this reason, put bleach on the spot to remove the eventual stain and eliminate any odor. Then you can sand and reseal, but for extra protection, you may first apply some odor removers from a pet store.

Deeper damage replacing a board

If the damage is deep, or not immediately and timely treated, then probably none of the advice here can do much to conceal it well. Replacing a board (or two) is apparently the only AND the best solution for that matter. The only “downside” is that it is not the easiest DIY solution, and it requires some tools, skills, and time. So, for your safest outcome, consult a professional for floor repair services to bring your floor back to its full radiance.