Hardwood flooring is a significant investment for a homeowner. But, it is one of the most profitable investments you can make in your home. Quite simply, hardwood floors give great ROI and should be at the top of everyone’s list of home improvements. If you already have wooden floors in a few rooms, think about extending your hardwood floors to the whole house.

Extending hardwood floors

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Matching Existing Hardwood Floors

There are two choices when you extend your hardwood floors. One, you can choose a completely contrasting wood for the other rooms. Or, two, you can match your original hardwood floors. If you prefer to match your existing floors for consistency and cohesion, you have a few options.

Newer Hardwood Floors Are Easier to Match

Any species of wood, the older it gets, will start to change the color a bit. This is a natural occurrence, and the change can be quite beautiful. Think of it as your wood coming into its own.

However, once a hardwood has settled into its color, it can be harder to match when you go to install new hardwood floors, but if they are new, you may be able to simply buy the same brand to ensure the best match.

Blending Old and New Floors

Of course, even if you are lucky enough to find the same brand and species of wood, there are always going to be slight differences. If you are working with prefinished wood and can match the brand and the species, then the transition from one floor to the next should be no problem as long as your wood flooring contractor is detail oriented and takes care of choosing the transition pieces that are most similar to the wood on the existing floor.

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Matching Older Hardwood Floors

If your floors are old and you are unable to match brands, you need to be careful to work with a hardwood flooring contractor who understands how to match new wood with old wood.

This means finding an installation expert who understands how the various species of wood will react and interact. Using unfinished hardwood will give a contractor more control over the installation, as well as the stain and finish they use to match the old floors.

Extending Existing Hardwood Floors

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