True, wood floors are known for being timeless or an everlasting classic, but as in everything that’s about lifestyle, trends rise and fall.

Luckily for you, wood floor trends do not change with seasons as fashion does. However, if you are up for a new flooring or renovation, you might want to make sure what the latest trends call for, and what’s on the decline, too.

Latest Trends for Wood Floors

These are the favorites, and they apply for both the traditional-oriented and the modern-chic lovers.

Hardwood floor installations Colorado

Natural blonde matte hardwood floors can bring light and energy to your home.

Mattes Do the Trick

In recent years, there’s been a shift towards less shiny floors. Besides their modern and contemporary look (and the popular Scandinavian style), they are also very practical for regular cleaning. Not every drop will be as immediately visible as on the glossy surface of a high-shine floor.

Wider, Better

Wide planks are getting increasingly popular – and that’s so for a reason. They contribute to a stylish, more coherent outlook of the room. They also visually open up smaller rooms (especially if they are bevel-free) and are perfect for smaller bedrooms, kitchens, or living areas.


Hardwood Floor Water Based Finish trend

Photo by © Hardwood Floors Magazine

We are talking beyond visual appearance now. Water-based treatments provide clear finish, dry quicker, and have low odor. Because they don’t provide much shine, they let the wood appear as natural as it can be without slightly yellow-staining it (as urethane finishes) or topping it with gloss.

What’s Dated

Lately, red hues are on the decline. Cherries and red stains, once praised, today are “on pause,” seemingly because a reddish floor is more tricky to match with furniture and incorporate in a home interior. Red oak gave way to the white oak. White oak also seems to perform better with the gray staining and bleaching.

High-shine lacquered floors are also taking a break in favor of the stain matte appearance.

Bamboo, although cheaper, is not increasing its popularity, and reclaimed wood seems to take over as a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Do any of these trends appeal to you? Which ones? Feel free to visit us in Denver or Evergreen to see our full range of choices for your flooring!