Have you noticed that torn, ripped, and distressed jeans have worked their way into the fashion landscape once again? Yes, again. Sorry, millennials, you didn’t invent this look. However, this isn’t a fashion blog, it’s a flooring blog, so let’s get to the point. The same techniques that fashion designers are using to rip, tear, and distress your expensive jeans are being used on hardwood flooring to create ultra trendy hand-scraped and wire-brushed hardwood floors.

Best hardwood flooring for home with kids

Hand-scraped and wire-brushed hardwood floors are perfect for families with kids and pets.

Instant patina and rustic charm without the wait

Hand-scraping or wire-brushing your hardwood floors will give them instant patina without having to wait years for this effect to develop naturally.

Scraped floors look expensive

Like anything that is on trend, hand-scraped hardwood floors may give the illusion of being old and worn, but everyone who visits will know that they have been custom scraped, making them look and feel expensive and modern. These floors didn’t just get scratched up from too much foot traffic and pet claws; they were hand-scraped just for you. They are unique and exclusive, mixing luxury with the warmth of hardwood floors.

Each hand scraped plank is unique

To get the effect of a hand-scraped floor, make sure that the floors you buy are truly hand-scraped and not scraped by a machine. When manufacturers use a scraping machine to create scraped hardwood floors, each board will come out looking the same. When you buy hand-scraped hardwood floors, make sure they are really hand-scraped, giving each plank a unique texture and look.

Hardwood floors for a Colorado country home

Make sure your floors are hand-scraped – not machine-scraped – for the ultimate rustic effect.

Hides future scratches

Besides being the perfect blend of trendy, expensive, inviting, and warm, hand-scraped hardwood floors have the added benefit of hiding future dents and scratches. It will take a long time before you’ll be able to distinguish between the intentional scrapes and the ones that came from a home filled with children, pets, family, friends, and neighbors.

Hand-scraped flooring in Colorado

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