Hardwood flooring isn’t just for the inside of the home. This spring, think outside the box and work with a flooring craftsperson to extend your hardwood floors to the front and back porch. With the right wood and the right finish, you can add beauty and value inside and out.

Choosing the right wood for your budget and design

Choosing hardwood for your porch

Choose wood that will stand up to the elements and suits your personal style.

There’s no reason why hardwood flooring should be limited to inside the home. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that wood in the most used material for porch floors and decks. Tongue and groove flooring can add class and comfort, creating a beautiful space to enjoy family BBQs or just sitting in your yard for some rest and relaxation.

When you are designing a deck or porch area, it is important that you work with a skilled artisan who can help you find the right type of wood to handle the outdoor elements. However, you still have many choices to choose from depending on your budget and your personal style.

Pressure treated lumber

Because your wooden porch and decks will be exposed to more things, many flooring contractors will guide you towards pressure treated lumber for outside purposes. Wood that has been specially treated to resist moisture, insects, and other organisms that they are exposed to will have a much longer life in the great outdoors.

Pressure treating the wood means that they have been saturated with a chemical solution that makes the wood particularly capable of resisting the elements. This is a process that can take time, because you have to allow for the solution to properly saturate, and then you have to wait for the wood to properly acclimate. Depending on your location, it could take a few weeks for the wood to be properly treated and ready for use.

However, properly treating the wood to be able to handle the pressure of being outside in Colorado 24/7, 365 days of the year is worth the wait. Once acclimated and properly installed, the right wood can last for decades.

Best type of wood for porches and decks

Pressure treated wood is perfect for the outside as it is more resistant to insects, mold, and other natural elements.

Strong, dense, and durable

You also want to make sure you are choosing wood that is strong, dense, and durable. Not only will this help the wood resist the threats of nature, but it will also prevent the wood from cracking and splintering. You want to be able to step outside on your porch in bare feet without the threat of tiny splinters in your toes and feet.

Wood that fits your personal style

Finally, you also want to choose wood that you find appealing. Wood that suits your personal style. It doesn’t matter if your porch lasts forever if you can’t stand the look of it. Find wood that will either look great in its natural grain and coloring or choose wood that can be stained the color of your choice.

Hardwood flooring in Colorado

T&G Flooring is one of Colorado’s largest hardwood flooring retailers. Our craftspeople can help guide you towards the right wood for your next hardwood flooring project, whether inside or outside the home.