The first step to installing hardwood floors in your home is to choose the best wood flooring contractor. However, even the best and most professional contractor isn’t going to prep the room for you. There are steps you need to take to prepare for your wood floor installation before the contractors who up to work.

Prepare home for wood floors

Clear out the room giving your wood flooring contractors a clean workspace.

Preparing for new wood floor installation

If you’re already living in your home when you choose to get new wood floors, you’re going to have to get the room ready for the contractors. For us to do our best work, we need a clean and empty work space. Depending on the room, you may need to take our appliances, as well as disconnect gas and electricity. If you are having wood floors installed in a room that you use often, make sure to pack away all items that you’ll need in an organized fashion.

What to remove from the room

It goes without saying that you’ll need to remove all furniture from the room so our craftspeople can get to your floors. You should also remove drapes, blinds, and hanging photographs and pictures. Although we try to minimize our mess and the amount of dust that accompany a wood floor installation, we can’t eliminate all dust. You also want to remove anything that may be breakable, and anything that is placed on shelves or window sills.

Removing the doors

Preparing for new wood floor installation

Proper acclimation is one of the most important steps to installing new hardwood floors.

It’s always a good idea to take the doors off and store them somewhere during the installations project. Make sure that you store your doors safely so they don’t get scratched or damaged.

Room temperature

Acclimating the wood is one of the more vital and time-consuming steps to installing hardwood floors. It is important to keep the room temperature consistent so that we can ensure that the wood is properly acclimated to the new environment before we begin the installation project.

Wood flooring contractor in Colorado

We install new prefinished & site-finished hardwood flooring in both commercial and residential spaces.  Nail down, glue down, or floating floors, we do it all. From simple red oak strip, flooring to antique reclaimed planks with complex patterns and inlays – our craftsmen will thrill you with their expertise and attention to detail. We install owner-supplied material or you can purchase from our terrific selection of prefinished and site-finished products. Many of our products come mill-direct and bring you outstanding value.

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