Hardwood floors can add elegance, warmth, and charm to any type of home. Wood floors are classic and, although they can be a significant investment, they bring incredible returns – not just aesthetically, but also financially, if you ever want to sell your home. When you choose to use reclaimed wood for your floors, you are also giving your home instant character. The type of character you can only get from floors that have lived a previous life and are now giving new life to your home.

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Add instant character to your home with reclaimed floors.

Give your home historical significance

Reclaimed wood isn’t like buying a second-hand hardwood floor; it’s taking a piece of history and putting it in your home, like a beautiful piece of art or antique furniture. Reclaimed floors come with their own story to tell and show all the beautiful signs of having lived a full life, but they still have much more to give. Old wood for reclaimed floors comes from old construction projects from old barns, ships, bridges, buildings, and many other places. Instead of discarding the wood, you can help restore their historical significance in your home.

Unique floors for your home

For homeowners who want something unique for their floors, reclaimed wood will show their unique story in their physical appearance. Years and years of dealing with the elements have left beautiful and unique markings on each piece of wood, creating something that can’t be replicated. Well, you can try to replicate it with technology and floor stains, but the only way to get something authentic is to get the real thing. If you want your floors to look like they can tell a story or two, then you need to find real reclaimed flooring.

Reclaimed wood is strong

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Bring a piece of history to your home with reclaimed floors.

A lot of reclaimed wood was first sourced from old-growth trees. Today, trees don’t get to be that old before we cut them down – and reforest, of course – to use for flooring. When a tree has been allowed to grow old before cutting it down, it will develop a tight grain, making the wood strong and durable. Reclaimed wood still has a lot of life left, and because you are minimizing your carbon footprint by reusing old wood, the planet that you live on is also going to have a lot of life left.

Environmental benefits

Not only will reclaimed wood floors make your home special and full of history and character, but they will help to preserve the planet for years to come. Using reclaimed wood will minimize your carbon footprint, as well as minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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