We want to have the best performance for the longest term when it comes to your hardwood floors. Making sure that the wood has acclimated properly is one of the most important steps to a successful project and a long lasting hardwood floor.

handscrapped hickory 3

Acclimation time will vary depending on the state of the wood when it gets to your space. At T&G we never rush the process. We let the wood take the time it needs to acclimate before continuing with the project. Photo: handscrapped hickory living room floor sample

Some companies will give you an arbitrary acclimation time for your hardwood. At T&G, we know that no piece of wood is the same and the acclimation time is completely dependent on the state of the wood as it reaches your home. The wood could be ready in a day, it could be several days. You just never know.

So, how do we at T&G deal with the acclimation process? Watch the video featured above!


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We specialize in installing, sanding, refinishing, and repairing Colorado-centric hardwood flooring, mill-direct products, and leading prefinished and unfinished hardwood brands. We also offer eco-friendly solutions, like reclaimed hardwoods and water based polyurethane floor finishes.

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