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Art doesn’t have to hang on the wall; it can be right there in the center of your floors. If you want to do something truly spectacular with your hardwood floors, you might want to work in a custom medallion. A medallion or inlay can turn elegant and sophisticated hardwood floors into pieces of decorative art. Of course, there are a few considerations to be made before you add a medallion to your wood floors.

Hardwood floor medallions in Colorado

Custom design a medallion or inlay to turn your floors into art.
Photo: Hardwood Peak Inlays

When to add a medallion to wood floors

Before you go and design an intricate pattern or design to add to your floors, you need to consider the placement and the purpose of the room in question. A medallion is going to add to the installation and labor costs, so you want to make sure that it is worth it. If you have a relatively small room or a room that will house a lot of furniture, the medallion may just get lost. A medallion in your wood floors should be a showpiece, and there shouldn’t be anything else in the room to rival the beauty and the artistry that it takes to install a medallion or inlay. It certainly shouldn’t be covered with a rug or a coffee table. If you can’t allow your medallion to take center stage, then it may not be the right place to get a custom floor medallion.

Best in large rooms

Inslalling a wood floor medallion or inlay

A medallion is best in a large room where it can be the center of attention.
Photo: Hardwood fir floors by T&G Flooring

If you have a large room with an open floor, a medallion could be just what the room needs to take it from great to grand. Of course, in some private homes, a medallion may be a little too flashy. Many medallions are seen in spectacular commercial buildings – think hotel or casino lobbies, ballrooms, and museums. However, a medallion or inlay can also give a large room in a private residence some flair and elegance.

Placement of a medallion

Because the medallion is a piece of art, you want it to be the focal point of the room that it is in. Typically, the medallion will be the centerpiece of the room, but you can also add a medallion to the bottom of a staircase or right inside your front door. It will give a great first impression as your guests arrive, especially if you have a design that is significant to your family, like a family crest.

Extra labor costs

Because a custom floor medallion, no matter the size, is typically an intricate pattern that has to be expertly placed and installed, you have to expect some extra costs in installation and labor. Make sure you work with reputable and skilled hardwood flooring craftsmen to install a floor with a medallion in the center because you don’t want to make any mistakes. Typically, the planning and the layout of the medallion has to be completely symmetrical and precise. Any errors will leave the medallion off-center or the surrounding floors not quite matching up.

Hardwood flooring craftsmen in Colorado

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