If you just need a good day of relaxing, you head to the spa for a full day of head-to-toe massage. If you have a specific ache, you head to the chiropractor to focus on one area and fix your ailment. The same is true for hardwood floors. Sometimes, they need a complete wall-to-wall sand and refinish, but other times, all you need is for a few damaged floor boards to be treated or replaced. Our craftsmen can be your masseuse or your chiropractor, depending on your floors’ needs.

Replacing damaged floor boards in Colorado

We can replace water-damaged floor boards and install new boards that match your old floors seamlessly.

Replacing water-damaged floor boards

When hardwood floors suffer from water damage or areas of extreme wear and tear, you need to talk to a flooring specialist who can help you seamlessly removed the damaged floor and install new boards. The trick is to make the new boards look like the old so that it’s like the damage was never there in the first place.

Our craftsmen are the most skilled in the flooring industry and can repair or replace damaged floorboards, leaving you with new floors that blend seamlessly with the old. We’ll work our magic on that one area of your floors that need reworking, perfectly matching the style, finish, and pattern of your existing floors.

Free flooring consultation with an expert

free hardwood flooring design consultation in Denver and Evergreen

When it comes to installing and repairing hardwood floors, the only thing you should be doing yourself is calling T&G Flooring for a free design consultation.

Hardwood floors are a big investment, we take great care to understand each client’s needs so that we can offer you the best solutions for your floors. We want to make this a great experience for everyone, whether it’s simply replacing few damaged boards or you need a head-to-toe sand and refinish. We are meticulous with each of our projects, making sure you understand your options and are a part of making each decision, as well as guiding you towards the most eco-friendly flooring solutions.

Colorado hardwood flooring repair experts

Our craftsmen are standing by to give you a free design consultation so that we can get started on your hardwood flooring project.