When you hire a flooring contractor, you want their work to be your guide. However, installing hardwood floors will take a bit of time, so you also have to be able to trust the contractors that you invite into your home. T&G Flooring wants to make you feel comfortable and secure during every step of the project. When you work with our team, you can trust that we will respect your home, your time, and your budget.

Hiring flooring contractor in Colorado

We perform a vigorous background check on our flooring craftsmen.

Professional and trustworthy flooring contractors

You can see our work all over Colorado, from private residences to commercial spaces to high school gymnasiums and museums. The quality of the work will speak for itself, but what speaks volumes is that people keep inviting us into their homes and places of business. That is because we take extra care to hire craftspeople whose work is impeccable, as well as being trustworthy.

Background checks on flooring craftspeople

We don’t expect you to be able to stay in your home or commercial space the entire time we are working on your floors. For that reason, you have to trust the people that you leave alone in your home. We make sure that we hire people you will feel comfortable leaving in your home. Besides checking their skills in the field, we do a vigorous background check on all of our employees.

We don’t cut corners

Trustworthy flooring contractor Colorado

Trust T&G Flooring with your home, your time, and your budget.

Other than passing a background check, we also make sure to hire people who will not cut corners with the work we are doing. Of course, you want your possessions to be safe while we work, but you also want us to respect your time and your budget. We take pride in our work, and shortcuts will only downgrade the quality of our work. We won’t water down the finish or speed up the installation by installing wood that isn’t completely acclimated. We use professional grade materials, and we aren’t afraid to use an extra piece of sandpaper to finish your floors if that’s what the job calls for.

Finest flooring craftspeople in Colorado

We pride ourselves in hiring the finest flooring craftspeople in Colorado. To learn more about our services and our promise to high-quality work, schedule a free consultation, or stop by one of our showrooms in Denver or Evergreen.