We’ve been handing out a lot of great information regarding how to care for, and maintain your hardwood floors. So, for good measure, here’s a quick summary – a checklist, if you will – of all the things you can do to protect and prolong the life of your hardwood floors.

Cleaning your hardwood floors

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Avoid using liquids and chemicals to clean your floors. All you need is a good broom with soft bristles.

Sweep and vacuum

The trick to maintaining your hardwood floors is to avoid contact with water and liquids. When you are cleaning your hardwood floors, we recommend sweeping or vacuuming. The more regularly you can remove dirt and dust from your floors, the more likely you are to avoid grinding the dirt into your floors and damaging the wood finish. Be sure to use the right attachments on your vacuum cleaner so you aren’t scratching up your floors while trying to clean them.

If you can, avoid using soaps or other chemicals to clean your floors. With regular maintenance, all you should ever need is a good broom with soft bristles.

Damage from people and pets

Keep a “no shoes” policy, or at least, avoid walking across your floors with spiked heels, or rough-soled shoes. Even sneakers can have rocks or sand stuck on the bottom, causing dents and scratches to the surface of your floors.

Hardwood floor maintenance tips

Make sure your wipe your pet’s paws before they enter the house (or jump on the bed) to protect your hardwood floors.

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed and be sure to clean their paws when you return from a walk in the Colorado wilderness. You wipe off your shoes, right? Your pets should, too!

Preventing cupping and warping

Be sure to avoid drastic changes in your indoor air quality and humidity levels. Make sure to ventilate your home regularly. Your floors will react to changes in humidity, and if it varies too much, your floors will start cupping and warping.

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Sanding and refinishing services in Colorado

When the broom is no longer good enough to clean your floors, call a hardwood flooring expert to sand and refinish your floors, giving them a second chance at life.