Living Room and Hardwood Flooring

Living rooms are a great place for hardwood flooring. They’re not generally prone to getting a lot of moisture or heat, and tend to have less foot traffic than other rooms in the house, since most folks like to sit and relax there. That makes them ideal for a vast array of even softer and more exotic hardwoods that would not be ideal for kitchens, basements, or areas that get a lot of foot traffic due to the relative softness of the wood.


Hardwood Floors in Your Living Roommake your living room inviting & comfortable with a hardwood floor

The living room is a great space for almost any variety of hardwood flooring you can find. It’s a place in which even softer hardwoods with a great aesthetic appeal can find a home. When cared for properly, it is easier to maintain than carpeting, and can last for decades, even centuries. Harder wood is more durable than softer wood, but softer wood does well in bedrooms and living rooms alike. A space like the living room allows you more options to choose from, because you don’t have to be overly concerned with wear and tear, if you get floor protectors for your furniture.


Hardwood Location

Below Grade

Water and moisture can damage hardwoods, though there are some varieties, like Teak that resist moisture well. You should talk to your professional flooring contractor about your options for below-grade flooring.

Ground Level

Ground level flooring can be susceptible to dirt, mud, snow, and moisture tracked in from the outside. This can cause water damage to flooring, and can also full the finish. If you live in a high-humidity area, that can limit your choices as far as hardwood, but there are a number of great options available. It is always recommended that you place mats and rugs near doorways and clean up any spills immediately. Having your pet’s nails trimmed can also reduce nicks and scratches.

Hardwood Floors in Your Living Room

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Upper Levels

There’s no good reason that hardwood flooring cannot be installed on the upper levels. However, it does have a tendency to transmit sound, so if someone is sit on a chair with wheels on it and rolling along the floor, you’re likely going to hear it in the living room while you’re watching your favorite program with the family. On the other hand, you can install sound nullifying insulation beneath the planks that reduce and absorb the sound. Area rugs beneath rolling desk chairs will also dampen the sound.


Hardwood floors do take on some wear and tear over time, but one of the things that makes them so beautiful is that they’re not uniform in appearance. This is one of the reasons why so many are attracted to old reclaimed wood. Those blemishes transmit a personality and uniqueness that they desire. If you feel like your floor has a little too much personality, you can always have it refinished. Hardwood can be refinished multiple times, making the hardwood look shiny and new. The surface is sanded and then refinished and restained.

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