Before choosing a hardwood floor, you have to do your research. But, you can’t just trust the pictures and tutorials you see and read on the internet or in magazines. Before making any choices about your hardwood floors, visit a hardwood floor showroom in your area to get a first-hand look at your options.

Hardwood flooring showroom in Colorado

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Visiting a Hardwood Flooring Showroom

The only way to truly understand the product you are buying is to see it, feel it, touch it, and smell it first hand. The same is valid for hardwood flooring.

Wood has so many different and unique characteristics from species to species that you need to see it up close to make an informed decision about your hardwood floors options.

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Floors

Every piece of wood is unique, so seeing one in a magazine or online can distort reality a bit. But visiting a hardwood flooring showroom will allow you to see each species up close, and to see the brand that you’re purchasing to make sure that it is precisely what you want.

You can also see the difference between engineered and solid wood so that you understand the differences before making a final decision.

Seeing the Wood’s True Colors

Denver Hardwood Flooring Showroom

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Most importantly, when you visit a showroom, you get to look at the actual color of the wood, as well as the grain. And, you will be able to see how difference stains and finishes will affect the natural colors. Understanding all the nuances of each type of hardwood floor helps you to match it to the rest of your home perfectly.

You don’t have to choose the same wood and color of your other wooden furniture or wood elements in the room, but you do need to make sure that they fall within the same palate.

If you have light wood with hints of gold and yellow, you may not want to choose a floor that will have shades of cherry. And, if you have a lot of dark wooden furniture, choosing dark wood floors could make everything feel dark and cramped.

Consulting with Hardwood Flooring Experts

Perhaps the best part of visiting a hardwood flooring showroom is to ask questions and consult with hardwood flooring experts. The style of your home, the placement of your floors, and your budget will all play a part in your final decision. A hardwood flooring expert can guide you through the process and make sure you make the right choices.

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