Everyone knows that having a lot of great separates in your closet so that you can mix and match is a great way to show off your personal style. The same goes for your hardwood floors. Mixing and matching species of wood can give your home personality and individuality.

hardwood flooring tips for Colorado home and business owners

Make your hardwood floors unique by mixing species from room to room. Photo: Mixed species reclaimed floors by T&G Flooring in Denver and Evergreen, CO

Matching your shirt with your belt with your socks with your shoes is not cool or trendy. Neither is matching your cabinets to your table tops to your hardwood floors. We all want a little bit of pop when it comes to how we dress. Why shouldn’t you extend that same trend to your hardwood floors? Having a whole house that matches is a rare find, and for good reason. Too much “matchy matchy” is just boring.

Mix up your hardwood floors the same way you mix up your wardrobe and the same way you mix up your furniture to give it some flair. You can use different stains to create different looks from room to room, or you can let the natural color and texture of the wood speak for itself.

Mixing species of reclaimed wood is an environmentally friendly way of getting a one of a kind floor for your home or commercial space. Photo: Reclaimed Mixed Species from T&G Flooring in Evergreen and Denver, Colorado

The trick to mixing species and colors across your home is to make the contrast obvious enough so that it looks intentional. If there is only a slight variation from room to room, it can look like a mistake.

Talking to a hardwood flooring expert is key if you’re going to be mixing your species and your stain colors. A pro will help you come up with the best solutions and the best color and species for certain rooms. Using lighter colors in small rooms can open up space and saving the darker tones for larger spaces. Darker tones can also warm up a room that may otherwise feel cold and stark.

There’s no limit to hardwood flooring; get creative, have some fun and mix it up!