Hardwood floors will add tremendous value to any home. If you’re looking to install new hardwood floors we’ve got a few design tips for making your home feel larger. The design and the installation can help shape your home and create cohesion throughout.

Hardwood Makes the Home Feel Larger

Hardwood floors in the whole house

Vary the installation pattern to highlight certain areas in your home.

When you install hardwood floors throughout your home we recommend using the same species and color. The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the home, and by choosing one type of hardwood flooring for the entire home will make everything feel larger and more spacious.

Plus, the floor will be the unifying force in your home, allowing you to get a little more creative with your interior decorating from room to room.

Vary the Direction and Installation Patterns

Keep your floors cohesive with the same color and species, but play with the installation, width, and length. Laying your boards in the same direction, using the same length and width can be a comforting effect. But, it can also be a bit repetitive.

Don’t be afraid to choose a different pattern or laying the floors in a different direction in some rooms. Varying the installation can create an interesting design and highlight certain rooms.

Highlight the Living Room

Hardwood flooring trends

Using the same species and color throughout the home will make it feel larger.

If you’re going to go for a more elaborate and creative installation, do it in the living room. The living room is the most visited and most lived in rooms, which is why we gave it the name “living room.” Make the hardwood floors in this room a bit more dramatic and special.

Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Colorado

There are a lot of decisions that go into installing new hardwood floors. The type of wood you choose, the color, and the finish will have a lasting impact on the design of your home. And, since hardwood floors can last a lifetime, it’s important to make the right choices from the beginning.

To learn more about your choices and installation methods, schedule a free consultation with a hardwood flooring contractor in Colorado.