It’s not uncommon for new homeowners to want to knock down a wall or two creating a big, open space. The open floor plan is more popular than ever, but there’s more to creating harmony with a large space than simply tearing down a wall. If you are combining a few rooms into one big open floor plan, you will need to add one major item to your reconstruction and remodeling project: new hardwood floors!

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Mixing species is a popular wood flooring choice. Just make sure your floors aren’t too busy for an open floor plan. Talk to a design expert about the best wood choices for your hardwood flooring project.

The chances are that each room that you are combining won’t have matching hardwood floors. Even if they have the same old, worn out matching carpet, you’re still going to be left with a patchwork of flooring once you remove the walls. Having a single type of floor for the whole area is going to go a long way in making your home feel harmonious.

Of course, you can break up the large living space by creating a few areas with unique flooring. Either using a different patterns, or a different wood species, but you need to be careful that you don’t overcrowd your space with too many conflicting patterns, shapes, and colors. The point of the open floor space is to create a single, warm, welcoming space for your family and your guests. The reason you want an open space is to bring people together, not make them feel fragmented and unbalanced.

Make hardwood flooring for an open floor plan consistent throughout

By choosing one type of hardwood floor to be the red thread throughout the space will allow you to get a little creative with your choice of furniture, wall decorations, and another decor that can help break up the big room into smaller functional sections. Like creating an area for dining, an area for reading, relaxing, watching TV, playing and entertaining. The great part about an open floor plan is that everyone can be doing something different, but still be together at the same time.

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Don’t be afraid to extend your hardwood flooring all the way into the kitchen.

The most important aspect of your open floor home is that your living space now includes the kitchen. The kitchen is the reason the whole open floor plan came to be in the first place. For one, you will never be isolated from your family when you are cooking dinner. And two, you will never be isolated from your guests at the next party because you are stuck in the kitchen. And three, it will give you much needed space in the kitchen when you guests and your family inevitable end up in there so they can keep you company.

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Extending hardwood floors to your kitchen is not as crazy as it sounds. As long as you take measures to protect your floors from stains and water damage. But, if you do decide to go with a material that seems more kitchen friendly, like tile, look for patterns and colors that complement the rest of your hardwood floors so that the contrast isn’t so stark.

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