The appearance of your business is as important as what you do in it

If you receive clients at your office or want to keep your staff motivated, the way your business looks is essential. A hardwood floor can make an immediate impact on everyone that enters into your business. There are many different things you need to consider when thinking about choosing a hardwood floor for your business. Don’t worry – we are here to help you.

1) Wood Floor Style

When it comes to your business style, there are plenty of styles you could choose from:

  • Traditional: even and uniform for a sophisticated appearance.
  • Rustic: distressed wood for a more relaxed look.
  • Reclaimed mixed species or pallets: done from older construction, adding more character.

2) Hardwood Finishing

All hardwood floors need a finish to render protection to its natural state. You can choose to have it finished or unfinished, but most people prefer to have it prefinished. This makes it easier, quicker, and cleaner to install. Some of the finishes available today are polyurethane, oil- and water-based shellac, varnish, urethane, and lacquer.

natural hickory floors

3) Gloss and Color

The gloss and color of your hardwood floor are very important to consider. You want to get the right shade, color, and shine to reflect your business’ personality. A high gloss can be elegant but requires additional maintenance. If you’d rather have a more natural look, low-gloss or matte floors might be the best option for you. Satin finishes are a good balance between the two.

Then, it is all about choosing the best color; there are also a variety of options. You can check out our article about the trending wood colors for 2016. The main options are dark colors, whitewashes and grays, and ultra blondes.

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