Hardwood flooring installation services in Colorado

Hardwood floors for homes with an open floor plan. Photo credit: hallmarkfloors.com

Homeowners are tearing down walls and opening up their homes to become one open floor plan. The open floor plan is becoming increasingly popular as a way to make the home one big inclusive space. However, making an open floor plan requires a few elements of cohesion to pull the whole home together. Hardwood floors are a timeless and beautiful way to make your open floor home flow seamlessly from one “room” to the next.

New hardwood floor installation

Opening up your home into one big room requires some meticulous planning and design. You want to create separate areas, from your kitchen to your dining and the living rooms. You don’t want everything to look the same, but because you can see each room at all times, there have to be elements of cohesion. If you are tearing down walls and are not looking at four different types of flooring, the home can look disjointed and awkward.

New hardwood floors is a big investment, but having one type of flooring throughout the home will help pull it all together, making it one room. Once you have that one element that is continuous throughout, you can begin to make different aesthetic design choices for each area to give each little area its own personality and style.

Extending your hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring services in Colorado

Extend your hardwood floors seamlessly from one room to the next.

Some homes have hardwood floors in a few rooms, but not in others. If you want to create an open floor plan, we can easily and skillfully lace new floors into your existing hardwood floors and extend them seamlessly to the rest of your home.

While we’re at it, we can repair any damage that your old floors may have suffered so that it looks like you got brand new floors throughout your entire home.

Talk to T&G about your hardwood flooring project

T&G Flooring will install new prefinished & site-finished hardwood flooring in both commercial and residential spaces. Our team is far more than talented craftspeople. We also have outstanding design-minded professionals who can help you go beyond selecting the right hardwood floor – we’ll help you pick the best color and design, too!

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