Wood floors save energy

Wood floors are energy efficient

Wood floors save energy.

We all know that the look of hardwood flooring in a home can add to the warmth of your home, but did you know that hardwood floors can actually help keep your home warm during the colder months? It’s true. Hardwood floors will absorb heat and allow heat to travel through it so that heat is circulated throughout the home. Just when you thought hardwood floors couldn’t get any cooler, right?!

Hardwood floors allows heat to circulate

Carpet may feel soft and warm on your feet, but hardwood floors can actually absorb heat and allow the heat to move through the wood, circulating the heat to your entire home. Carpet simply holds onto the heat but doesn’t allow for the heat to travel through the material. That means that when you heat your home in fall and winter months, carpet will not help the heat circulate resulting in higher energy bills, whereas heat will pass through wood floors, allowing heat to spread to the whole house. Wood floors will reduce the energy you need to use to heat your home because it aids in the circulation, which means that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the whole house.

Wood has higher thermal mass

Wood floors save energy

Wood floors will help circulate the heat, saving energy.

Using materials in your home that have a higher thermal mass will help you save on energy. Materials with a higher thermal mass will absorb heat, and when the temperature cools, the heat will be released helping you save on energy. Wood has a higher thermal mass than carpet, making it much more energy-efficient. Plus, wood floors will help your indoor temperatures stay more consistent, which will also take some of the pressure off of your heating system.

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