Hardwood floors are beautiful when they are installed in the classic fashion. However, if you’re looking for a way to give your hardwood floor a little extra oomph, talk to your hardwood flooring craftsmen about adding a decorative border to your hardwood floors. A border is like outlining your floors, highlighting their beauty and making them just that much more special.

Adding border to hardwood floors

Distressed Acacia hardwood with a light border.

Highlight your hardwood floors

Adding a border to your floors can highlight the wood, and also make the room feel a bit more elegant and sophisticated. The border will typically be a different species and a contrasting color to the main floorboards. The border can be razor thin, or wider to add more drama.

Contrasting colors and direction

The contrasting colors of the wood from the main floor to the border trim is going to make an interesting visual in the room. Make sure that the way you decorate the room will highlight the border, not hide it by covering it with furniture. You also want to think about the colors of your floors with the colors you want in the room to make everything cohesive. Because you already have contrasting colors and species in the floors, you don’t want to add too many more contrasting elements in the room.

The border will also be installed in a different direction from the rest of your floors to add further contrast. So, when you add borders to your floors, you may want to keep the rest of the interior design minimalistic and leave the drama to the floors.

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Installing hardwood floor borders

The most important aspect of installing hardwood borders is working with skilled contractors. You have to meticulously plan the installation of the floors when adding a border, making sure that all the math is perfect so that everything matches up perfectly. It takes precision and perfection, so make sure that you have hired a flooring craftsperson with the skills to pull off the job. If everything is off center, you’re going to have a room that feels lopsided and awkward. Of course, this means that there are extra labor costs involved with adding a hardwood border.

Custom hardwood borders

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