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reclaimed oak floors

T&G Flooring reclaimed oak kitchen project

The year was 1970 and everyone’s favorite frog was singing about the hardships of “being green”. Today, “being green” is easier than ever. In fact, being green is downright sexy. When it comes to choosing a hardwood floor, architects and designers are placing environmental responsibility at the top of their list when designing floors for residential and commercial spaces.

Hardwood flooring that is both environmentally responsible AND luxurious is probably the biggest flooring fashion trend today. Customers, commercial or residential, are putting “green” at the forefront of their choices and we at T&G are right there with them.

Go green with Greyne hardwood products

One of the companies that we work with is Greyne. Not only do they provide a large variety of customizable products, but they strive to be environmentally responsible with their products and are members of the U.S. Green /building Council and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Always looking to provide premium products to our clients we look at several ways to cut down our carbon footprint, without compromising the integrity of the product we are selling. At Greyne, that means:

  • Importing large quantities of wood at a time
  • Sourcing locally whenever possible
  • Promoting reclaimed and repurposed materials
  • Using water based or vegetable oil based finishes
Reclaimed Mixed Species

Mixing species of reclaimed wood is an environmentally friendly way of getting a one of a kind floor for your space.

Hardwood floor inspiration for architects and designers in Colorado

Designers and architects need inspiration to design and create incredible hardwood pieces of art for homes and businesses. At T&G, we offer an incredible variety of hardwood products that are not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly. Being at the forefront of hardwood flooring fashion, it is important to look beyond the project at hand and make sure that we remain environmentally responsible while still providing the best products and installation services.

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We specialize in installing, sanding, refinishing, and repairing Colorado-centric hardwood flooring, mill-direct products, and leading prefinished and unfinished hardwood brands. We also offer eco-friendly solutions, like reclaimed hardwoods and water based polyurethane floor finishes.

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