Trees are our business, from the forest to your floors

Every Christmas we find ourselves discussing with friends about whether it is environmentally responsible getting a real Christmas tree, or if it is better to get a fake tree. Believe it or not, getting a real Christmas tree is the eco-friendly solution. Sounds odd? Let us explain!

How can cutting down a real tree and decorating it for our amusement be environmentally responsible? Because cutting down a tree that will be replanted again and again and again is a lot more environmentally friendly than the manufacturing process of fake trees. In fact, for every Christmas tree that is chopped down, several new trees are planted in its place.

Eco friendly fact about Christmas trees

The manufacturing process of PVC Christmas trees is highly toxic and not at all environmentally friendly.
Photo by Crisco 1492

The manufacturing process of most fake Christmas trees is extremely harmful to the environment

As far as environmentally damaging and harmful toxins, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tops the list. It is the most offensive and poisonous chemical that we can release into our atmosphere. Do we need to tell you that it has been linked to cancer? Not to mention it carried lead and other additives. So, if the carcinogens of PVC don’t kill you, the lead may cause your liver and your kidneys to fail.

Okay, we think you get the picture. We’re not trying to scare you, just inform you so that you can make the right decision when it comes to this year’s tree. And, there are probably options for environmentally friendly, non-PVC, fake trees, but as 85% of the artificial trees sold in the US are made overseas where the environmental protection laws aren’t as harsh, or as enforced, you are better off going for the real tree.

Choosing an eco friendly Christmas tree in Colorado

You can’t beat the real thing. The smell and feel of a real Noble or Douglas fir are part of making a home look, feel, and smell like Christmas.
Photo by Wildfeuer

Real Christmas trees are easy to recycle

Fake trees are also very hard, if not impossible, to recycle. Nothing recycles better than a tree. Plus, as we said, Christmas trees will never go out of style, and they get farmed on land that is not suitable for other crops. Plus, who doesn’t get a little dose of jolly when you drive by row and rows of Christmas trees growing big and strong for the next holiday season? And, while we wait for the trees to mature, they continue to absorb damaging CO2, release delicious O2 and provides a home for various birds and wildlife all year long.

If you want to make sure that your Christmas tree is being replaced by new shoots, check out your local Colorado Christmas tree farms and talk to the farmers about their practices. The more informed you are about the products you buy, the more you can make sure that they live up to your environmental standards. And, a classic Douglas or Noble fir in your family room will help make your home look, feel and smell like Christmas.

Go ahead and get that real three. It’s the responsible thing to do!