Creative Ways to Customize Your Wood Floor

Hardwood floors can give your home that charming and warm feeling. Adding special features such as a border or inlay can provide an astonishing touch to your floors.


This wonderful feature can be used to create a custom frame effect that contrasts with the look of your room’s primary flooring area. They can incorporate multiple wood species, marble, stone, brass, nickel, stainless steel, and other metals to generate an unmatchable look to any room. Don’t forget to keep the scale of the border in proportion to the scale of the room, to ensure it meets your expectations.


Custom medallion in wood floors

Photo by © Hardwood Floors Magazine

These unique additions bring a breathtaking look to any room. They can be found either pre-manufactured or custom-made at the job site. Several wood species can be paired together with other materials such as stone, metal, and even leather can be integrated with medallions. Inlaid designs can range from simple compass point designs to intricate custom patterns. Make sure you add them after the floor is installed. What’s more, you can get inlays for fireplace wraps, stair risers or thresholds.

Mixing Materials & Species

By mixing wood with other materials like marble, metal, slate, stone, or tile, you can quickly create a custom look.

Also, try light colored stains to create a contemporary look. Or, for something more traditional use a warm, medium toned color. If you prefer a more formal décor, dark stain is the way to go. No matter what your wood species, custom stains can help you achieve a custom floor design.

Finally, exotic woods can add an entirely new look to any room and are available in a variety of colors and species.

If you are looking for professional advice to give your wood floors an entirely new look, contact T&G Flooring. We are one of the Front Range’s largest wood-focused flooring contractors in Denver.