There are many things you must consider when choosing the best hardwood floor for you. Here are some of the main ones:

Wood Variety

Hardwood species vary in color, durability, and grain patterns. Maple, cherry, and oak are the most common kinds due to their hardness. Then you have some more exotic ones like Brazilian cherry and mahogany, which are not as long-lasting but are cherished by clients for their outstanding appearance.

Hardwoods floor colors

Wood floors run the scale from blond to black, depending on the finish and the wood species. The trending colors for 2016 in regards to hardwood floors are dark tones, whitewashes, grays and ultra blonde, so if you want to choose a good color, you may want to go with one of these three tones. 

Sanding and refinishing services in ColoradoWood textures

You can choose to go shiny and new, or you can buy a brand new floor that looks like an antique by adding timeworn character to the room. This antique style will disguise heavy use over the years and will offer a vintage sensation from the day it is installed. 

Wood hardness

If you are a busy person and have a big family, you may want to choose a floor that will stay in good condition even in the presence of kids and pets; it’s an excellent idea to choose the hardest wood variety possible. Hardwood species, such as red oak, will resist wear and tear, while softer kinds, such as pine, will show scratches faster. 

Wood fool finish

Besides protecting the surface, hardwood finishes add color and luster to the floors. It also simplifies the installation process and eliminates chemical fumes, dust, and the waiting time. Another thing to consider is that the factory-applied finishes usually have a longer warranty, as they withstand the test of time longer than site-applied finishes.
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