Which flooring finish is easiest to maintain?

Choosing the right finish for your hardwood floors

A matte finish is perfect for the kitchen where there are more foot traffic and spills.

Whenever we make a big decision about our home and interior design, we consider how easy it is going to be to clean and maintain. Each type of flooring finishes has different levels of maintenance, so be sure to consider the different levels of care for each level of shine.

Glossy floors are high-maintenance

Glossy and semi-glossy floors will require more cleaning. Because of the high shine of glossy finishes, any dust and dirt will be very visible. You will need to wipe down your glossy floors more frequently than floors that don’t have so much sheen. Let’s face it; glossy floors are high-maintenance.

If you have kids that are crawling and you love walking around barefoot, expect your footprints and handprints to show up a lot more than on a less glossy finish.

If you love cleaning, or you can afford a regular cleaning crew, then glossy floors could work for you. However, if you want to extend the time between wiping down your floors, then we’d move on to a satin or matte floor finish.

Satin and matte are low-maintenance

How to maintain glossy and matte floors

Floors with less shine are better for heavy foot traffic and people who are too busy to clean their floors all the time.

On the opposite spectrum are the satin and matte flooring finishes. These won’t have quite the impact of glossy floors, but they can bring out the natural beauty of your hardwood floors without losing its elegance and high-end appeal. For floors that see a lot of foot traffic, from both two-legged and four-legged creatures (or two-legged creatures that are still crawling on all fours), then a satin or matte finish is much better at hiding dirt, dust, grease, and the tiny scratches that appear over time.

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