Dark hardwood floors are still leading the hardwood flooring trend. From milk chocolate to black, dark floors will add warmth and elegance to any Colorado home. No matter the style of your home, dark wood floors are extremely versatile and can help elevate your interior design.

Choosing dark hardwood flooring

Installing dark chocolate hardwood flooring to contrast your furniture can enliven any room.

Creating contrast with dark wood floors

Using contrast in your interior design makes for an interesting visual. The contrast in your colors can add drama and personality. If you already have lighter tones in your home, both in color and in the types of furniture you have, the contrast of dark wood floors will highlight your furniture and your cabinetry.

The right amount of contrast

You want to be careful with how you use contrast in your home. Whereas a couple of contrasting throw pillows on the couch will make an interesting visual, you want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Too much contrast can be jarring, and you want to use contrast in your design to create harmony in your home.

Dark on dark

Contrasting dark hardwood floors with light furniture and cabinetry can liven up a room. However, if you already have dark wood cabinets and furniture, also having dark wood floors will make your home look muddled. It’s hard to match dark wood furniture with dark wood floors, and the slight variations will make your interior design choices look like a mistake.

Different shades of dark

How to use dark hardwood to elevate your interior design

In a hallway with white walls, dark hardwood flooring can add warmth and elegance.

If you are going to try to match dark furniture on dark wood flooring, make sure that the color of your floors is a few shades different from the color of your furniture. That way, it will seem like an intentional choice and not like you were trying to match the colors and failed.

The best room for dark wood floors

Dark hardwood floors are best suited for bigger rooms with plenty of light. Small rooms with little light will just seem smaller and more cramped if you add dark flooring.

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