Habits That Could Severely Damage Your Floors

Wood floors are one of the most valuable features of a home. However, we inadvertently may be making some common mistakes that can take away its elegant appearance. Here are some revealing facts to keep you from contributing to the deterioration of your hardwood floors.

Excess or Improper Cleaning

This is probably the most common mistake we make when it comes to cleaning our hardwood floors. Using too much water will cause seepage under the floorboards where it can generate significant damage to the subfloor or lead to mold growth.  Plus, using a cleaning product that is not suited for the type of finish on your wood floors can also cause damage.

Not Using Mats

Floor mats have been created to protect floors. When you walk in from outside, you bring in dirt and debris in your shoes that can be abrasive against the wood floor. Over time, these contaminants can lead to scratches. Also, the build-up of dirt and debris in the crevices can cause the finish to wear out. Placing a welcome mat at every entrance will diminish the risk of these particles reaching your hardwood floors.

hardwood floor installation

Absence of Furniture Pads

Your furniture often slides across wood floors, and can scratch, dent and gouge the surface of the hardwood floors. Every piece of furniture that is in direct contact with your floor should have pads under each leg. This way, the pads will stop it from sliding around and scratching your beautiful wooden floor.

Not Cleaning Up Water Promptly

Excess liquid can damage your floor by causing warping and discoloration. If you spot water on your wood floor, clean it immediately. Also, walking into the house with wet shoes will leave water on the hardwood floor, so make sure you wipe off wet shoes and store them somewhere off the floor. Also, make sure to put a rug under plants and dog bowls.Wet Wood Floor

Moisture is the cause of most hardwood flooring problems. Need a new hardwood floor in Denver & Evergreen? T&G Flooring can help. We can install a hardwood floor that fits your budget and needs. Call us at 303-293-8600 or browse our website to get inspired.