Reclaimed Wood Flooring for Your Property

Hardwood has always been a highly valued commodity for flooring in both businesses and homes. It has a timeless mystique, and adds a personal and professional touch to every room that it graces. When harvested sustainably, hardwood is an eco-friendly option that adds a green touch to your home. It provides an excellent layer of insulation against the cold, and traps in the cool air in the summer. Even more eco-friendly options like reclaimed wood can make your home beautiful while lowering your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has several benefits, some of which you may not be aware of. Those are:


This may sound counterintuitive, but reclaimed wood is actually stronger than virgin wood by up to 40 points on the Janka Scale. The Janka Scale is used to test and grade the hardness of an individual wood. The reason for this is that newer wood harvested in modern forests grows from trees that have been bred to decrease the time it takes before they can be harvested. In effect, this weakens the wood a bit, but decreases the time the wood takes to mature.
Benefits of Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood, also called recycled wood comes from lumber that was previously installed somewhere else, and has been reclaimed for a new purpose. This wood can come from gym bleachers, boats, barns, floors that have been torn out, wine casks, shipping crates, or any other structure that has outlived it’s usefulness. The wood, instead of being discarded, is recycled, which takes pressure off the lumber industry, and allows the forests to replenish their stock. It leads to environmentally friendly sustainable growing and harvesting practices in the US and elsewhere, which is very important to biodiversity of our world. By choosing reclaimed wood you can help slow deforestation, encourage healthy harvesting practice, and reduce waste in our landfills.


Virgin lumber has a story to tell. It grew in a forest. It was cut down for lumber. It ended up in your home. Not a very remarkable story, is it? Reclaimed lumber has a unique history. It may have been part of a home, a school, a vast ship that carried hopeful passengers from a foreign land, or a barn that was struck by lightening. By integrating into your home, it becomes part of the story, and part of a living history.

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